Open URLs Without Clicking Them

Most websites, like TechCrunch and Forbes, include internal and external links that viewers can click and get directed to a new page.

Automation has become a driving force in simplifying our digital interactions. From streamlining workflows to enhancing productivity, automation has revolutionized various aspects of our lives.

Opening a URL without clicking is a prime example of this revolution, eliminating the need for physical interaction while still achieving the desired outcome.

By harnessing the power of technology, we can navigate the online realm effortlessly and seamlessly.

But what if you find a link that’s not clickable?

URL text and right-click on it with your mouse or cursor. From there, find the option Go To and tap it.

Immediately, you will get directed to the website in a new tab. So, if you come across a non-clickable URL link, keep in mind this quick and easy trick.

Automated URL opening liberates us from the traditional constraints of physically clicking links, enabling a hands-free and efficient browsing experience.

By leveraging scripts and automation, we can streamline tasks, save time, and enhance productivity in various domains. However, it’s important to navigate this automation landscape with caution, prioritizing security and staying informed about potential risks.

Embrace the power of opening URLs without clicking and embark on a journey towards a more effortless and efficient digital existence.

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