How To Improve the Life of Laser Printers

The HP Printer solution supplier Metrofuser test prints over 5 million pages on nearly 3 million sheets of paper each year.  Over the past 15+ years in the process of repairing over 500,000 HP printer parts and laser printer devices, the company has discovered the 4 critical decisions that you can make that improve the life of Laser Printers.

1. Choose Quality Toner  

Aside from the obvious image problems and short life expectancy, poor-quality toners also use heavier abrasive toner particulate. This type of toner can damage the printer’s paper path parts over time such as the fuser, paper sensors, paper input and output trays. It is recommended to only use OEM or high-quality remanufactured toner.

2. Use OEM New or OEM Rebuilt Printer Parts Only

Many imported printer parts are newly built clones. They are designed by someone other than the original equipment manufacturer. While they look very close to the original there are microscopic differences. This usually results in problems with fit, form and function over time. We recommend OEM New or if you’re looking to save some money, without sacrificing quality, using OEM rebuilt replacement printer parts. The OEM part chassis is engineered to match the printer.

3. Educate the User to Avoid Damage

Believe it or not, many of the printer damage we see on parts is done by accident by the end-user. The following is the most common list of end-user-related problems.

  • Pulling too hard on the paper to clear jam damage the printer.
  • Slamming the paper tray when loading paper.
  • Using sharp objects to clear a paper jam damages parts.
  • Dropping staples inside the printer.
  • Feeding paper with staples into the ADF automatic document feeder.

Educating the users of office printers can make a big difference in the expectancy. The owner’s manual is a great source for teaching people how to clear printer paper jams and loading the different paper tray cassettes.

Improve the Life of Laser Printers

4. Select ColorLok® and BLI Certified Paper

Metrofuser has found both ColorLok® and BLI Certified Paper provide clearly superior performance.  Printers are more reliable and are able to maintain image quality over more pages when compared to abrasive, large-particle filler papers. In addition to experiencing significantly fewer paper jams and other errors, these papers leave behind less dust and toner contaminants, which could potentially contribute to long-term printer reliability and image quality issues.

Testing for these certifications involves running roughly one million sheets through dozens of different copiers, printers, fax machines, digital duplicators and multifunctional devices while assessing packaging quality, cut/edge attributes, image clarity, and crease permanence, as well as numerous “run-ability” metrics. The tests prove which papers are least likely to suffer from image quality or sheet-feed problems. 

Certified papers are sold under various brands through retail, internet, catalog and contract stationers. Consumers can ask and look for the BLI or ColorLok® seal of approval on cartons and reams of imaging paper.

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Colorlok Brands

  • Member’s Mark – Sam’s Club
  • Antalis – Europe
  • WB Mason Blizzard
  • Copamex – Latin America
  • Domtar – North America
  • Georgia Pacific – North America
  • HP – Worldwide
  • Inapa – Europe
  • International Paper – Worldwide
  • JK – India
  • Metsa Board – Worldwide
  • Mondi – Europe
  • Office Depot
  • Papyrus – Europe
  • Staples – Americas
  • Stora Enso – Europe
  • Suzano – Latin America

 BLI Certified Brands

  • Boise X-9 Multi-Use Paper
  • Pioneer Paper
  • Navigator
  • Diverse Earth paper
  • GP Spectrum Multi-Use Paper
  • Yes Paper
  • Future Paper
  • Many Others

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