Top tips to unlock the verified on TikTok- An Ultimate Guide

  Author: Gulzar 
  Posted in: Social Media

Are you looking for tips to unlock the verified on TikTok? In the following paragraph, we have tried to summarize some strategies that could help you obtain the much-desired recognition on the platform, where you are not yet a celebrity:


  • Grow your followers on TikTok: Your followers will have to increase steadily and continuously over time. It seems that this aspect is being held in high regard by the developers who analyze the profiles intending to attribute the verified on TikTok. If you have hundreds of followers, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok followers to take the lead.
  • Increase video views: It seems obvious, but how many tiktokers can increase the views of their videos exponentially? Make sure to produce content that is capable of attracting followers to your profile, inviting them to watch all your productions, and sharing them (for this purpose, also choosing covers that can attract users at a glance). Moreover, you can buy TikTok views to increase your visibility.
  • Consider collaborations that can make you known to a wider audience. Unity is strength; remember that. Collaboration is a great way to get more views too.
  • Try to create videos that go viral in a “constant” way. We know it is not easy to create a video with all the credentials to go viral, let alone if it is a question of producing more content with these skills. However, we must tell you that this is one of the key points if your goal is to obtain the verified user badge on TikTok.
  • Connect the social networks where you already have the badge. If you can already boast the badge on other social networks and you have not already done so, connect the profile in question to TikTok. You will see that you will attract the attention (in a positive sense) of the team of this social network in a short time! To find out more about this procedure, we refer you, as an example, to the guide dedicated to how to put TikTok on Instagram.



How many followers do you need to get verified on TikTok?

Unlike what is required to do live on TikTok, a high number of followers cannot guarantee the obtaining of the badge. You didn’t expect it, did you? The truth is that as far as you can be followed, the attribution of the badge on TikTok is almost completely independent of you.


In fact, the TikTok team is in an almost irrelevant way from external pressures (there is no need to send requests, contact technical support, or other), which continually selects and checks profiles that could be liable to be assigned a badge. For this reason, in the introduction, we told you not to be surprised if celebrities just landed on TikTok and with perhaps a number of followers equal to yours (that you will surely have sweated one by one with shots of challenges, duets, comments, and reactions) are already equipped of badges.