How to Get More Instagram Likes

  Author: Gulzar 
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Instagram likes is the currency of Instagram. The more likes you have, the more followers you will get. If you are a newbie on Instagram, you need to know how you can get more Instagram likes. Luckily, we’ve gathered some tips that will help you to get more likes on your posts. Let’s get into it!

Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook accounts:

It is one of the noticeable ways to grow your account on Instagram because around 20 percent of users are also on Facebook. When you connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account, your friends will likely to follow you on Instagram too.

According to studies, three percent of your Facebook friends will follow you. Ask your Facebook followers to follow you on Instagram once you update your status or post your story on Facebook. That way, 3% can be increased to 5%.

Use popular Hashtags with your posts:

The users on Instagram prefer to use hashtags just like Twitter. Your posts are likely to be discovered when you add hashtags with your posts. Here are some most popular tags that you can use in your posts.

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #me
  • #tbt
  • #cute
  • #photooftheday
  • #instamood
  • #iphonesia
  • #picoftheday
  • #igers
  • #girl
  • #tweegram
  • #beautiful
  • #instadaily
  • #summer
  • #instagramhub
  • #follow
  • #iphoneonly
  • #igdaily
  • #bestoftheday

Comment on the other’s posts to get more Instagram likes:

If you want to get more Instagram likes then engage your followers with comments. As most of the people like comments more than posts likes. According to the latest research, the user creates around 575 likes for 81 new comments.

Find the big account in your niche and take some time to comment on their posts that increase the chances they will come back to your profile and like your posts or follow you. As research indicates that users are 401 percent likely to follow you as well with liking and commenting on your posts.

Use popular filters

Use popular filters for your posts just like your popular tags. Use a filter that perfectly matches your photo. Here are some most popular filters that you can use for your photos.

  • Normal
  • Earlybird
  • X-Proll
  • Brannan
  • Lomo-fi
  • Hudson
  • Hefe
  • Rise
  • Valencia
  • Amaro

Timing is everything:

Timing is everything when it comes to getting more Instagram likes. As studies show that evening time (5 PM PST) on Monday is a good time to post your video or photo. It is the best time when you can get a number of likes and comments on your posts. For your second post in a week, choose 3 PM PST on mid of the week (Wednesday or Thursday).

Your post will be more active in the first 3 hours. Almost 46 percent of comments happen within the first 60 minutes. If you are not successful in getting traction within the first 60 minutes of posting then it is perhaps not going to get desired results.